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With burgeoning growth in traditional publishing, e-books, online channels, online publishing, and digital printing, authors today face a labyrinth in choices. Our author services are designed to help authors succeed. Readers are demanding. Books must grab and hold attention from the first to the final sentence. Authors must be savvy about drafting, rewriting, editing, publishing, marketing, selling, and promotions. We know that success happens on purpose. You need a strategy to rise above the crowd and achieve your publishing goals. That’s what we help you with at Write Stuff Resources. We offer a variety of author services to teach, guide, inspire, encourage, and help you find success as an author.

  • Author Success Group: If you’re in the Milwaukee area, join our monthly support group about the business of books, or subscribe and submit questions to our Facebook page.
  • Manuscript Analysis & Recommendation (A&R): You’ve been working on your manuscript for months or maybe years. How do you know when its ready for publication? Yes, beta readers or critique groups can be helpful. When you’re ready for a professional expert analysis with detailed recommendations on exactly what your manuscript needs to be DONE and ready to publish–that’s what an A&R is for.
  • Book Coaching: Seeking to become a better writer? Want to use your own manuscript to learn to do what professional editors and writers do? Book Coaching is the way. We meet with you 3 hours a week–usually in two 90-minute sessions–in which we teach, share our screen, and show you exactly what you need to do next on your book–and then you go and do it. Whether it’s structural, line, or copy editing, pumping up flat characters, creating an action map, or analyzing the structure of your nonfiction manuscript–you learn how to do it all yourself. A great investment in your own education, while finishing your book.
  • Book Proposals & Book Marketing: Create a business plan for your book’s success. Whether self- or traditionally publishing, a book proposal is also a required tool to seeking literary agent representation, particularly for nonfiction. We can write your book proposal for you, or hire us to coach you how to write it yourself.
  • Book & Cover Design: We have affordable resources for the self-publishing author who would like to have a professionally designed book.
  • Certified Ghostwriting:  Tight on time or writing ability? Have a great concept, but need a professional writer to do the heavy lifting? We provide the highest quality full-service ghostwriting from beginning to final publisher-ready manuscripts. As professionals trained and certified by the best in the industry, we specialize in maintaining and presenting your ideas, your vision, and your voice in your book — and we remain completely anonymous. You are the author and your name only is on your work. We work on a project basis and you keep all of the proceeds of your book. If you need assistance having your book self-published, or finding literary agent representation to sell your book to publishers for an advance, that is part of our service as well. We also can work with aspiring writers, sharing and teaching everything that we do along the way to help you develop your skills. Or, we can create an entire book just from interviewing you–while maintaining your voice and vision for the work.
  • Editing: For those who don’t need need coaching or ghostwriting and have a manuscript close to being done, we supply line and copy editing services as well.