» Ghostwriting


intransitive verb
:to write for and in the name of another

transitive verb
:to write (as a speech, book, or resume) for another who is the presumed author

Ghostwriters are the helpers of the writing world. We help people become authors. Through a unique collaborative and synergistic process, ghostwriters take authors through a discovery process to find and focus on what is great within their writing, and then present it in the best way possible.

We believe in greatness. We know that something great lies within your rough draft, within your years of research and hard work, within your hours of recordings, within your wealth of blog postings. Our job as ghostwriters is to find that greatness. Working closely with you, maintaining your voice and vision, we enhance and polish. Yes, we supply advanced writing and editing skills. Yes, we supply knowledge of the business of books.  Yes, we understand what it takes to achieve a finished manuscript worthy of the attention of agents and acquisition editors. And we are even more.

Professional Certified Ghostwriters work for the author as experts, bringing their wisdom, minds and hearts. Skilled writers and editors, ghostwriters also serve as best friend, confidante, marketing consultant, project manager, coach, publishing industry expert, therapist, sounding board, and cheerleader.

Write Stuff Resources serves as your guide and inspiration to achieve your personal, professional and creative goals through written collaboration. We are your Writing Resource for success! 

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