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noun: publicity  
:the notice or attention given to someone or something by the media.

“How do I promote my book?” is a question all authors should know how to answer. Whether self- or traditionally published–whether your book is still in the its first round of edits or bound copies are hot off the press–knowing how to get media attention is critical to success.

Several months prior to your book launch, I recommend investing in a consultation with a professional book publicist. Like literary agents, good book publicists are worth their weight in gold. A paid professional will make sure you get all your ducks in a row, get the timing right, and make sure you don’t miss anything critical when it comes to that  crucial period in your book’s life: your book’s launch. That plus-or-minus-six-month window is critical. You have far more to gain from hiring a pro than to lose from going without one.

But there is more. Besides hiring a professional six months before your book launch, I also recommend educating yourself to start “thinking publicity.”  The more involved you are in the process, the more you understand and can begin to recognize opportunities, the more effective your efforts will be.

How to Think Publicity

One of the best resources to learn about publicity for authors is my friend, Joan Stewart, a.k.a. the Publicity Hound. I have known Joan for many years. She lives just a few miles from me, and over the years has become internationally recognized for her expertise. I can attest: she is a veritable font of wisdom for all things free publicity for authors.

All authors: Click, right now, on over to Joan’s website and sign up for her free e-newsletter. It is one of the very best subscriptions around — and I have seen a lot of subscriptions! It’s short, concise, well-written, well-designed, not too frequent, and each issue contains at least one golden nugget of a unique and useful tip. Usually 3 or 4 nuggets. Clever, intriguing stuff you never would think of, for how to get free publicity.

Being a fellow dog-lover, I also love her fun dog-related link at the bottom of every issue.

After all, she is the Publicity Hound.

Disclosure: I do have an affiliate relationship with Joan. If you wind up investing in one of her books or courses, I will receive a small percentage.

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