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Ghostwriting for Authors

YOUR BOOK deserves to be all it can be, to stand out head and shoulders above the growing and crowded field. As authors ourselves, we know you’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into your book. You and your book deserve professional treatment and guidance to make it through the labyrinth of today’s publishing world. Your book, after all, it is a reflection of you. Your book deserves to truly shine. Certified Ghostwriting is how to achieve that shine.

A brief overview of how Ghostwriting works

You are the expert in your life and field, with a great idea for a book. Certified Ghostwriting offers skilled analysis,  understanding, creative insight, ghostwriting, editing, advising, and coaching–all in the context of today’s publishing market. Knowledgeable about today’s publishing world and the elements of a successful book, Gertified Ghostwriters partner with you to create a great, finished, publisher-ready manuscript.

Hiring a ghostwriter is not like hiring any other kind of contractor. Ghostwriting is a uniquely collaborative process that requires your active participation.

Our expertise lies not only in editing and ghostwriting. Certified ghostwriting is art, a science, and a practice. We specialize in telling your story and maintaining your voice in the best way possible. As experts in all aspects of the publishing process and marketing, we know the requirements of agents, acquisition editors, and publishers. We are professionals who stay informed about on the latest trends. We are privy and ready to share insider best practices in the publishing industry. We guide you to success. At Write Stuff Resources, you will find only bright, knowledgeable, and decent human beings to work with.

When you hire a Certified Ghostwriter, you can be confident that you will received the highest level of editorial service available. Certified Ghostwriters have spent hundreds of hours in training with highly skilled professional mentors, under the auspices of a highly respected institution of higher learning. Anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a ghostwriter. Write Stuff Resources only utilizes only professional ghostwriters certified through the world’s premier Ghostwriter Certification Training (GCT) Program at California State University-Long Beach, College of Continuing and Professional Education. In 2014, the GCT program is on track to soon become the world’s first accredited Master’s Degree program in Ghostwriting.

A note to those considering working with a Ghostwriter

Writing a book with the assistance of a Certified Ghostwriter definitely requires preparation. You need to come with a clear vision for your book, a level of organization, financial resources, temporal resources, dedication, and willingness to commit to completing your book project. Writing a book with a Certified Ghostwriter is like going on safari in a foreign land, with an expert guide who does all the heavy lifting for you.  It is going to be an intimate journey of discovery, and you need to be prepared to complete the journey.

One of our fine ghostwriting colleagues created this excellent set of important questions to answer, to see if you are ready to hire your ghostwriter. If you can answer all of these questions affirmatively, then you may in fact be ready.

Here are a few more questions to ask yourself.

Ghostwriting polishes your diamond in the rough

Where is the shining diamond in your book?

At Write Stuff Resources, we believe every book contains one. Where is yours? Is it obvious and clear to everyone who reads your manuscript, that they are holding a precious gem in their hands? Or is your book still a diamond in the rough? We can honestly tell you which it is.

Whether you’ve been laboring over your manuscript for years, or it’s still just a twinkle in your eye — how will you know when it’s ready? How will you know when it is truly as good as it can possibly be?

Is your book great? Because that is our business at Write Stuff Resources — turning good into great.

Do you know what makes your book so different from all the others like it? Do you know exactly who is going to buy it? Do you know how people will find it?

Does your book flow from beginning to end? Is it clear and focused for the reader?  For the right reader? Do you even know who your readers are? Have you stepped back and considered who will find this gem of yours the most valuable, and have you written or edited with them clearly in mind? How many times have you re-written and edited your manuscript? Is your book ready to send to an agent or publisher, or ready to be self-published? How do you known when it’s ready?

Find the diamond: Analysis and Recommendation

Certified Ghostwriter Laurel Kashinn can read your manuscript or idea and answer these and other key questions. How can we, working together, make your book as successful as it possibly can be?  She offers her expertise to provide you with a Creative Analysis and Recommendation (A&R), giving you concrete, specific, actionable recommendations for exactly what you need to do to find and polish the diamond in your manuscript, to make it shine, and help it stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

If you’ve got a book manuscript you’d like to see become as great as it possibly can be, contact us today for a 15-minute free consultation about a comprehensive and creative A&R.

An A&R is not like any other kind of editorial service. It is much more than a critique service. The A&R looks at your book within the context of publishing market trends. It serves as your guide to finding, extracting, and polishing your diamond to make it shine and be noticed by agents, acquisition editors, and readers. The A&R provides a blueprint for your book’s shining success.

Whether or not you decide to hire a professional ghostwriter to help you get your book finished, the A&R will tell you exactly what and how to go from good to great.

Your hard work, your manuscript, your book, deserves only the best. For more information, please call Laurel Kashinn today, or use the contact form below.

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