» Testimonials

Laurel is exceptionally personable because she takes the time to listen. She helped me put together a concise, eye-catching resume that was well worth every penny I spent.” –Addison A.

When I showed this resume to a teacher at Moraine Park during a class designed to help with career advancement, he said he could not find one flaw–had never seen a better one.” –Vicki G.

I had an interview with an executive director at a mental health clinic [who] was impressed with my resume and its layout. I feel your guidelines on obtaining/pursuing a position that you want, other than job listings, is great. Very helpful.” –Kristine B.

[Interviewers from a blind box ad] were impressed with my resume’s appearance and the types of information that were chosen to be included.” –Matthew B.

Very polished yet unique [resume]!” –Lori E.

The nurse recruiter commented on how she liked the set-up of the resume and how neat it was in appearance.” –Kathy S.

Laurel was a great resource in the development and publishing of my first book. This project never would have happened without her professional approach and pleasant persistence. I look forward to working with her again in the future.” –Joe S.

Laurel is a creative writer able to convey clearly, quickly and precisely any obscure topic or message. She is able to eloquently express her thoughts while maintaining clear sight of the mission especially when arbitrating political and religious concepts. Our church council has asked Laurel to play an important role in media relations in order to bring our teachings and messages to the community and she has repeatedly over exceeded our expectations. We are forever grateful for her good work and great ethics.” –Michael J.

Laurel is a well organized, knowledgeable and creative individual that takes others people’s concepts and turns them into reality. Her attention to detail and ability to offer creative suggestions to clients is remarkable. She knows what works and what doesn’t. Laurel is easy to work with and is always happy and cheerful–while all the time maintaining a relaxed professionalism. Anyone working with Laurel will be impressed.” –David M.

Laurel is an excellent writer and designer. She has done multiple projects for me, from booklets to promotional materials, t-shirt designs and more. I can always count on her to be on time, follow-through as promised and deliver high quality work. I intend to continue working with her for many years to come!” –Patricia C.

Laurel Kashinn is an exceptional combination of creativity and brilliance. I have worked with her several times, and she always astonishes me with her ability to quickly size up a project and provide options to her clients. She understands the importance of a ‘brand’ image and has demonstrated again and again that she can deliver quality and value. If you’re looking for a top notch graphics designer, look no further! Laurel is top notch.” –James B.

Laurel Kashinn is a dynamo. I asked Laurel to be a Team Leader almost immediately after meeting her because of her obvious integrity, intelligence, grit, and positivity that she displays. She never settled for mediocre, but always found creative ways to meet and beat the goals I laid out for her and her team. Laurel is a tireless worker who is 100% committed to her work and her family. It was a pleasure to work with her and she is a great asset wherever she goes.” –Tessa F.

Laurel is an exceptional individual. She is an entrepreneur and small business owner and, at the same time, an active and involved member of the community. Laurel is a gifted writer and an all around creative force.” –James W.

I started working with Laurel back in 1999. She was an incredible help to me in getting my own business going. Our first project together was the Jefferson County Tourism Guide. I was brought in to do some overflow ads while she assembled the entire book. I’ve found Laurel to be incredibly organized and highly efficient. Every project we’ve worked on together was presented to me in a way that was very easy to understand. Laurel is also very personable. She has incredible communication skills and is very friendly. I would have no problems in recommending Laurel for any position.” –Jennifer Erdman

Laurel has been wonderful to work with! She is focused on delivering a great product in a short period of time. I recommend her highly!” –Renee G.

Laurel was a huge asset. She was always upbeat and enthusiastic, goal oriented and focused. She had excellent relationships with everyone, was timely and made sure things were done well. She brought a strong skill set with her to this campaign and worked well in a leadership role.” –Marjie T.