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Book Promotions is an important subcategory of book Marketing. Promotions have always been the responsibility of authors, with support at book launch from publishers, as negotiated up front. Promotions and marketing should be carefully thought out and planned well in advance of your book’s publication. Ideas include: your website, newsletters and e-newsletters, your blog, guest blogging, virtual book tours online, speaking engagements, whether you’re hiring a publicist, press kits, ads in trade and media publications, social media, online promotions at and and other venues, workshops, library tours, finding real-world communities via and other sites, being part of a speaker’s bureau, etc.  Your book’s launch is much like launching a rocket. If you want to break free of earth’s gravity and make it to the moon, your book launch is critical. You need rocket fuel and boosters to succeed. You need to plan as many of these activities as you can, build your readership and following online, send out review copies months before the launch. In the 6 to 8 weeks following launch of your book, you need be working, every day, a solid promotions plan.

Promotions is a key section of your Book Proposal as well.

Excellent resource for promotions

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