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Author Success Group to Learn How Books Are Made

Did you ever wonder how books are manufactured? In ancient times, books were hand-made treasures. Painstakingly and lovingly written out longhand, pages were sewn together. Some of the earliest books were made on leather rather than paper, like this ancient manuscript discovered in 2009. Johannes Gutenburg revolutionized the process when he invented the printing press […]

Writing for Children: Guidelines for Children’s Books

Self- or indie-publishing of children’s books is a costly venture. Children’s books are still consumed in print, rather than digitally–especially picture books. Be prepared to pay thousands USD for your full-color illustrations, cover art, design, and printing. To ensure a profitable selling price, source a printer in the Far East. Make sure your designer knows […]

Chicago Writing Workshop: come and meet the pros!

Professionals in Publishing to be in Chicago in May To be successful as an author, learn all you can about the industry by attending writers’ conferences and meeting professionals in the publishing world. For anyone in the Milwaukee and Chicago area, the 2016 Chicago Writing Workshop on May 14 is a great opportunity. A one-day, […]

Opportunity to meet literary agents

How’s it coming on your book? Ready to pitch it to a literary agent? Some aspiring authors think literary agents are elusive, mythical beings who live in an alternate universe. But guess what? They really do exist–in OUR universe–and you can meet and learn from them! Chuck Sambuchino, author and editor of Writers’s Digest Guide […]

Blogging for Authors: 7 Tips to Get You Started

Some authors have expressed difficulty at blogging. Here are seven tips for authors who might have difficulty getting started. 1) Focus: Start out by imagining one friend to whom you are writing–one person interested in your book or book topic. We’ll call her Friendly Fan. What is her age, gender, marital status and life circumstance? […]

Save the Date: Last Saturday Author Success Meetup

Looking for support and advice on publishing? Mark you calendar for our Last Saturday Author Success meetup, held the last Saturday of every month from 10:30-Noon. Keeping track with writing, moral support, and learning about the publishing world are the goals of 8 authors and aspiring authors who met for our February meetup at the […]

ATS Anxiety: Avoiding the Black Hole When Job Hunting

Remember the good old days when you had one resume, wrote a custom cover letter, mailed it, and got back a response from a live person? It seems those days are nearly gone, replaced by a system that can seem like a black hole. The National Resume Writers Association recently offered a teleseminar for members […]

Do you have goals and dreams? Get a plan!

  Are you wishing for success, or planning for it?  As collaborative writers, we help people achieve their dreams and goals with careful thinking, writing, planning and design. With more than 20 years of experience as self-employed small business owners, we’ve learned the importance of strategic business plans. We can guide you through the process […]

Writer’s workshop focuses on productivity, achieving goals

Many thanks to all who attended our inaugural Last Saturday Author Success Mastermind Meetup Group today! A fine group of writers got together on April 26 for the inaugural Last Saturday Author Success Mastermind Group meeting (what a mouthful!)  Above is Charlie, shown with his new book, Sarah, Bernie, Mica, and, not shown, Susan and […]

Need money to finance your creative project? Crowdfunding may be your solution.

So you’ve poured out your heart and soul over the past several years, completing your first draft manuscript. You’ve shared it with lots of people, and the consensus is, “This is good! But it’s a little hard to read. Needs editing.” You do your homework and find a skilled professional editor you really like, who […]