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Two experts in the creation of every resume

YOUR RESUME is a professional representation of you and your skills and abilities. It needs to accurately reflect the best of who you are, while meeting best practices for today’s job market with correct phrasing, design and keyword usage.  No one knows your field, experiences, and qualifications better than you do.

Write Stuff Resources employs two experts in the creation of every resume:

  1. You, the expert in your life, skills, experience and qualifications
  2. Your resume ghostwriter, expert in how to write and format it for both human eyes and machine (ATS) reading

Members of the National Resume Writer’s Association, we stay current with ongoing education and can access a large network of career experts.  You can be assured that we are up-to-date in our knowledge and expertise. See what our satisfied customers have to say.

We work together, collaborating to create just the right resume for you!

In today’s competitive job market, a correctly-prepared resume, as part of a comprehensive job-search strategy, is more essential than ever.  As one of our delighted clients said, reading through her Write Stuff resume:

 Having you do my resume was like getting my hair cut. Sure, I can cut my hair myself, but it sure looks a lot better when I have a professional do it!” —Kelly B.

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