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Writing a book is similar to climbing a mountain. It takes preparation, conditioning, a decent strategy and map, and experienced guides to help along the way. If you’re determined to get your book done, Write Stuff Resources can help you wherever you need help: creating a working lifestyle, getting into top writing form, setting writing goals, creating a realistic writing plan, and staying on-task to finish your book.

We start by evaluating your current skills, identifying obstacles to your writing life, and helping find solutions. We help set targets that fit your life and create a workable, step-by-step plan. We help by supplying accountability techniques, goal-setting tools, writing prompts, on-going tips and resources, and access to the coach via email, phone and Skype, to help you make forward progress with your writing.

Please note that Book Coaching is about you and your writing process, not about your manuscript. Book Coaching is not an editing or writing instruction service, nor a book evaluation or editing service. Our Book Coaching services are flexible and customized to fit your needs. We can help you with One-time, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly and Custom options to help you stay on track with your goals, while staying within your budget.

Book Coaching – Goal-Setting Consultation

We begin with evaluating where you are in your writing life and your goals. Then we help you create a workable plan to fit your needs. We identify and help find the exact resources you may need to assist you in your writing goals. We then help you create a step-by-step workable plan for yourself, of how to get from where you are today, to your finished manuscript. When completed, you will have a road map with specific benchmark goals and objectives to get you “over the mountain” and to a finished manuscript. Includes up to 2 follow-up emails or phone calls to help you stay on target with completing your Goal Plan.

Book Coaching – On-Going Guidance

Touch Base:  Monthly Phone + Weekly Email Coaching Sessions
Once-a-month Phone + Weekly Email Coaching Sessions are perfect for people who are already highly organized, disciplined, and used to working on long-range projects. Your writing coach will touch base with you on a weekly basis and on the phone once a month. You will have access to your Coach via email for questions and assistance. The Monthly Coaching Session will help keep you on track with your goals.  Minimum of 3 months. Discounts are available for 6, 9 and 12- month plans.

Steady Guidance: Bi-Weekly Phone + Weekly Email Coaching Sessions

Those who need a little extra help staying on task will benefit from a phone call with their Coach every other week, plus have access to their Coach via email all month long.  Discounts available for 6, 9 and 12-month plans.

Sherpa Level:  Weekly Phone + Email Coaching Sessions
Highly recommended for those eager to get their books done as quickly as possible, the Weekly + Email Coaching Sessions are by far the most effective service available. In addition to having access to your Coach throughout the month, a short weekly phone consultation will help you stay on course, avoid obstacles, overcome hurdles, and meet your writing goals.

Writing Instruction, Constructive Critique and Editing Services
Writing instruction, constructive critique, and editing services are available with or without Book Coaching, based on the size of the manuscript submitted.