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How do I know if I’m ready to work with a ghostwriter?

You are ready when:

  • Your material is developed and organized enough that it is or can be the subject of a series of articles, presentations, or a blog.
  • Your audience is clearly defined.
  • You can commit at least one hour per week to work with your Write Stuff team, supplying content and reviewing drafts.
Is an agent necessary if I want to pursue traditional publishing, or can I go directly to a publisher?

We recommend that you add a professional literary agent to your team, unless you have experience negotiating book contracts. Agents are savvy in negotiating publishing contracts to your advantage. They cultivate relationships with many publishers and are key in helping land a good deal. A literary agent is well worth the cost!  We can help you locate potential literary agents who might be interested in your manuscript.

Will my book sell and make money on its own accord?

The key phrase in this question is “on its own accord.” Sales depend on many factors. Both the marketing and promotions of the book are key. Sales can be affected by the timing of its release and its audience. Whether using a traditional publisher or self-publishing, authors need to be prepared, after publication, to be actively engaged in the promotion of their book, in multiple ways. A book is a business unto itself, and we can help authors find the resources to help them with this process. Books of active authors outsell those of passive authors.

Can we blog my book as it is being written?

Possibly. Blogging can be a successful promotional strategy if you have the time to write for both styles, and it tends to work best for how-to non-fiction titles. Blogging a book, if done correctly, can be part of a promotional strategy outlined in your Book Proposal. Blogging by the author is definitely recommended to establish your brand platform. Publishers look favorably on authors who have already invested in creating a following. We can help you set up your blog and correctly blog content from book, whether you’ve already completed your manuscript or book, or as we write it with you.

What’s the difference between a ghostwriter and co-author?

Ghostwriters provide comprehensive services to authors. A Ghostwriter is all of the following: creative artist, editor, project manager, best friend and confidante, therapist, industry insider, publishing guide, writing and life coach, mentor, and a business person. Ghostwriters work with both non-writing authors as well as writers who seek to hone their skills. We’re glad to share what and how we do what we do, along the way–or not. Regardless, we provide the complex service of helping authors achieve their book writing goals. Our focus: serve you, the author, by making your book is the best it can be, get it to where it will receive all of the attention it deserves from the readers — both professional acquisitions editors and publishers, and end readers. We do this by applying editorial integrity and skillfully preserving your voice in the work, your vision, and your ideas. You are the sole author; we are the invisible behind-the-scenes helper. Ghostwriters are experts, paid up front and during the creation of the work, for their expertise, with the balance due upon delivery of the final manuscript. Ghostwriters do not put their names in books. Ghostwriters’ vested interest is always in author satsifaction–making sure you are happy with your book.

Co-Authors, by contrast, are not serving the other author. Co-Authors have a vested interest in the book itself. Co-Authors share in the writing, in their own voice. Co-Authors share in the expenses of production, the responsibilities of promotion, and in the royalties or proceeds of the sales. Co-Author relationships require a high degree of compatibility, mutual respect, alignment of values, mutual commitment, financial resources, and shared passion for the subject matter.

Can I work out an arrangement of paying for ghostwriting through a share in royalties?

In essence, that would be a co-author arrangement, not ghostwriting. While everything is negotiable, the answer is at this time we do not routinely offer co-authoring as a payment option. Ghostwriting and editorial work is available on a pay-for-services arrangement. Our terms of payment are negotiable with some flexiblity to help meet your cash-flow needs. Other options are to focus on the first three chapters of your book, a book proposal, and help with sourcing and querying agents to land a publishing deal. This could be used to secure an advance on your book with a publisher, or to raise money through crowdfunding. The advance or crowdfunding can help cover the cost of a professional editing and ghostwriting services.

What does Write Stuff’s ghostwriting service cost?

The cost varies widely depending on many different factors. Some authors come with their book fully outlined and just partially written. Others have a finished first draft. Still others have a series of presentations or blog posts, or just a great idea and loads of research, but need to start from scratch with the writing. We really need to learn all about your book before we can quote it. To make things simple, ghostwriting a standard-length non-fiction book generally runs about $45,000. Smaller projects can range as low as $10,000 and bigger projects up to $150,000. An excellent place to start is with an A & R: we read your complete manuscript, learn all about your book project and then prepare for you a detailed analysis and recommendation. How organized is your material? Will there be an extensive amount of research and interviewing of sources required?  Are there any information gaps that need to be filled in? How targeted is the writing for your audience? Do you have enough material for a full-length book, or will it be better suited as a shorter e-book?  The A & R answers these questions and much more. It details your book’s strengths, identifies the broad and complete market potential, and provides clear detailed steps you can take to improve the book to bring it to market.  An A & R is $500.

Is the cost of hiring a ghostwriter worth it?

The value of a book is nearly immeasurable. Your book will outlive you, supplying enduring credibility like nothing else.

Your Write Stuff team of professional writers is an invaluable resource to achieve your publishing goals, whether to promote yourself and your business, or to make a lasting statement. Furthermore, ghostwriting costs can be recouped after publication through book sales, increased business, or through publisher advances.*