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Welcome to Write Stuff Resources

"We help you write your story of success.” --Laurel A. Kashinn, Certified Ghostwriter, Professional Resume Writer

How powerful are your words? Does your resume stand off the desk waiving a flag for you? Does your book grab and hold readers' attention to the last page?

For powerful writing, you've come to the right place.


“Very Insightful”

"Nathan’s editing was very insightful and well organized. He kept me focused on the purpose of the paper and how to integrate it without a broken flow. He also gave me ideas for future learning." - Heather E.


“Exceeded expectations”

Laurel is a creative writer able to convey clearly, quickly and precisely any obscure topic or message. She is able to eloquently express her thoughts while maintaining clear sight of the mission, especially when arbitrating political and religious concepts....She has repeatedly over exceeded our expectations. We are forever grateful for her good work and great ethics.” –Michael J.


“Takes the time to listen”

Laurel is exceptionally personable because she takes the time to listen. She helped me put together a concise, eye-catching resume that was well worth every penny I spent.” --Addison A.


“This project would never have happened without her”

Laurel was a great resource in the development and publishing of my first book. This project never would have happened without her professional approach and pleasant persistence. I look forward to working with her again in the future.” –Joe S.


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  • roadmap_successDo you have goals and dreams? Get a plan!
      Are you wishing for success, or planning for it?  As collaborative writers, we help people achieve their dreams and goals with careful thinking, writing, planning and design. With more than 20 years of experience as self-employed small […]
  • A brave new economy of turning passion to profit
    I was just talking with Nathan about the face of the new economy, shifting from what it was before the market crash of 2008, a preponderance of white collar workers and service people, to a burgeoning population of creative individuals, working as […]

Intelligent Writing for Personal Growth, Ambition and Achieving Life Goals

Our mission is to guide, inspire and motivate individuals on their journey of self-awareness, to fulfill their ambitions and life goals, in alignment with the greater good. We achieve our mission through collaborative writing.


As a Resume Ghostwriter, I always recommend to clients that an important skill required in today’s work world is the ability to learn new things. Technology and working conditions change regularly, and being able to change, grow, adapt, and learn new skills is a key skill almost all employers are looking for. One way to demonstrate that ability is to go back to school, and in particular, take some courses on technology computer, software, business marketing, or social media. By taking such courses, you demonstrate that you’re able to learn, grow, and keep your skills relevant.

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Workshops coming up: Resume Writing & Job Hunting Best Practices, Using LinkedIn for Career Advancement, Life Path Discovery Workshop, Journaling for Health.


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