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Discover what is working and what is not working
with your resume, cover letter, and your job-hunt strategy! ResumeEval_500x500

A lot has changed in recent years.  Upload your current resume and receive back a comprehensive Resume Evaluation, prepared by our experienced, professionally trained resume writers–not a machine. Learn about:

  • Specific strengths
  • Fatal flaws and how to fix them
  • Errors and how to correct them
  • Omissions and how to add them
  • Keyword status – will you pass the ATS screen?

Get detailed, actionable advice that you can use immediately to improve your resume for better results!

Regular Price:  $97  SPECIAL: $47

BONUS #1: Money Back: Upload now and receive a credit for the full amount paid, good toward’s any of our full Resume Services. Good for 30 days.

BONUS #2: Free 15-minute phone consultation after the evaluation to answer any questions you have. Please allow 3-5 business days for receipt. We will email you an invitation to set up a phone consultation.

Remember: your Resume Evaluation will give you everything you need to know to fix your resume!

Evaluation Process Overview:  Step 1, upload your resume below. Step 2, check out using PayPal or a credit card. Then come back to the site (click link from PayPal to return) to get to Step 3, the confirmation page. That’s it!  If you have any questions, please call or contact us directly. Thanks!  If you’d like to learn more about taking charge of your career, see our Classes and Workshops page. Complete the form below!

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